Melon Boy

I just had to show you this picture of my grandson which was taken yesterday.

As you can see he was offered some melon to eat but instead of taking a bite we were very suprised when he decided to lick it!!

I don’t know it if it was the smell or what, but he liked it.

Hope my photo has made you


Todays Purchases

I bought these to items today and I am looking forward to using them.

I saw this mentioned in a scrapbook magazine a while back but I had forgot all about it,until it caught my eye today.  It transfers images onto fabric!! Wow- how cool.

I bought the white fabric paint too as this means I can paint it onto dark colour fabrics then use the image transfer on that, so it means I don’t always have to use it on light coloured fabrics.

The image transfer cream cost £2.75($3.99 ) and the fabric paint was £1.99 ($2.89).  I cannot wait to use it on something.

I will keep you posted on my fun with these products.


A day without scrapbooking is a day without sunshine!