Top Ten………Worst Movies

Hi, welcome to another ‘Top Ten’.  I thought instead of doing ‘best’ things/people, etc I like that it would be a change to do a ‘worst’. So here goes.

1. 2012 (This was the first flim I had seen at the picutres for well       over a year due to having a problem with my coccyx and not being able to sit down for very long.  I love a good disaster movie, but this wasn’t one of them, what  let down.  It was so cheesey and unbelievable.  Never again!)

2. Van Helsing

3. Howard the Duck

4. Flood

5. Alien Resurrection

6. Hudson Hawk

7. Swept Away

8. Waterworld

9. Aliens Vs Predators

10. Zodiac Killer

Thats mine.   I would to hear your own worse films.

Bye for now



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