50th Wedding Anniversary

Another of my cross-stitching samplers.  This was for the same recipients of the Durham picture.  Again I have smudged some of the date info out for data protection, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I really love this sampler.  The colours are beautiful and the ribbon detail really finishes it off I think.  Hope you like it.


Durham Cathedral

Another cross-stitch effort.  This was made for my husbands aunty and uncle.  They apprantly did a lot of their ‘courting’ in Durham when they were  young.

This took my ages to do, with lots of different shades of green and unbelievable amount of backstitiching but it was gorgeous when it was finished and the really appreciated the effort I had put in to it for them.


Nana Beadwork

This is another peice of bead work I did, the colours are much better than shown in the photo, but this is the best photo I could get at the time.  I used Mil Hill Beads.

Mam Beadwork

I made two of these in different colours for Mothers Day about 10 years ago.  I enjoyed the beading (I used Mill Hill Beads) as it was a a lot quicker than cross-stitching.

It can be a bit fiddly and you sometimes end up with beads all over the place and down the settee and you can sometimes prick yourself with the fine needle you need for beading work.  Worth it though.


Other Crafting Endevours – Cross Stitch -4th Anniversary Sampler

I used to be an avid cross-stitcher and used to really enjoy making samplers for my family and friends, whether it be for wedding, births or anniversaries.

This sampler was for my mother and father in law. (Sorry for the smudgy bits but I have removed some details for security reasons).

I still enjoy cross-stitching but it just takes so long to create something.  Scrapbooking is definatley my new all time #1 favourite craft.

Hope you like it.