Photo album

Not long after my grandson was born I bought  4”x6” photo album from Paperchase which cost £1.50 (approx $2.17).

I just wanted something I could put a few photos in so I could show everyone what a gorgeous grandson I had – a ‘brag book’ I think the guys and gals  over the pond call it.

For the photo album cover I kept it simple by cutting two peices of felt and just hand stitched them with embroidery silk.  I then used a Cuttlebug to cut some amimal, flower and butterfly shapes, which again were stitched on.

For the album covers front and back I added cardstock, fun stickers and peel offs as well as my grandson’s name.

Hope you like it.

A day without scrapbooking is a day without sunshine!


Healthy Eating/Fitness Motivator

This is my healthy eating/fitness motivator.  It consists of 3 decorated pages (the fourth having magnets glued to it so I can attach it to the fridge).

The 1st page shows lots of photographs of how I used to be over the years, not just before I put weight on but some have been of when I have managed to lose some weight.

So my theory is when looking at the photos I will be motivated. As the title  says on this page ‘What I can be’.  It is also a reminder of what I can achieve when I set my mind to it.

The 2nd page will show all the different things I can do to help my along with my healthy eating and fitness goals (which I haven’t filled in yet).  Such as walking as much as possible, dusting off my Wii fit and using that like I said I would, etc.  My plan is to try something different from my list so I don’t get bored.

The final page is to record my starting point via a photo and vital stats, then record any goals along the way whether they be journaled or photos.

Ooh, something I forgot to mention is that I am going to bind it together using a bind it all machine so I can just flip it open.

Would love to know what you think.


An idea for the wooden vodka case

I have an idea on my wooden vodka case.   I had a sherbet fountain and I was looking at the small plastic container and thinking about I could use it for.

I then thought I could maybe use it in connection with my vodka wooden case.  I am still working on my final idea but…… stay tuned and see how it turns out.

Altered Art Project Idea

My husband came in today with a present from one of the guys he works with, which was a very nice bottle of Polish vodka.  I advised him that I would take care of the vodka, he he.

The bottle came in a lovely wooden box with a small rope handle and a see through curved panel at the front.  As soon as I saw it knew it was an item ‘ripe’ for altering/recycling.

So I will hopefully be able to get to work soon and give it an ‘altered art’ makeover.  I will let you see what I have done.