Sorry to anyone who has been checking back on the blog, but  I have had login problems which have taekn me a while ot sort out.

Max Papercraft Show – Sunderland

I am off to the Max Papercraft Show in Sunderland tomorrow.  Never been to this craft show before so I hope it is good.

I am always after new goodies even though I don’t need them.  I will keep you updated and tell you what it is like.

Intend to upload some of my work very soon.  We have been so busy helping our son and family decorate and move into their new home we have never stopped.  He moved in yesterday, so I am looking foward to getting back to my scrapbooking ways.

I submitted for a call for scrapbook pages to Shimmele’s second book but it doesnt look like I have been sucessful, I will keep trying to get my work shown as I am proud of what I have done.

I will let you know what goodies I have managed to precure from the show in the next few days….

Hooray for the Weekend

The weekend is finally here!!!  Yippee!

My son moved to a new house today.  He has moved about 30 miles closer to us which is great.

We have our grandson overnight to stay.  He is absolutley gorgeous (of course I am biased)  He is nearly 1 year old and gets cuter every day.