Check Me Out!!!

I have had an excellent day today.  Quite appart from the fact I was only at work for half the day, that I have been shopping and that it is my birthday.  I checked my email to find out I have been picked as ‘Project of the Week’ over at Scrapbook Challenges with my ‘Toof Time’ layout.

I am absolultey thrilled to bits and it is really the ‘icing on the cake’ to my day.

Check me out @: Scrapbook Challenges


Magical Experience

I woke up this morning to discover fog.   After getting a lift to work I walked the remaining distance to building I work in.

It was still fairly dark at it was 6.35.   As a car passed or I passed a street light the frozen fog ‘sparkled’ as if someone had thrown a handful of fine glitter in the air.

I felt as if was in a magical/mystical film as I was surrounded in the sparkling light…Fantastic.